Labrador Trap & Skeet Club
PO Box 28, Labrador City, Labrador, A2V 2K3

Business Hours

Wednesday   5:30pm - 9:30pm*
Sunday      12:30pm - 5:30pm*

* Business hours may be changed depending on event, weather and daylight.
(Have to love those Northern Summer Nights!)*

        Special shooting events will be posted well in advance and are often run over several days to accommodate those members who are shiftworkers. Please visit our Activities page for a list of all  upcoming events.
        Please be advised that the posted times indicate hours of operation where a Range Officer is scheduled to be present. Our range may be in use at ANY time, including at night. We strongly recommend that new members or visitors initially visit the range at the scheduled times only. Please use caution and respect our gates, fences and barricades. If in doubt STAY OUT!
        Furthermore, during the winter months it has been our policy over the years to grant access to the neighboring cross country ski club who need to cross our range to get to certain ski trails. This fact combined with the heavy snowfall we receive means that most shooting activities will cease during the "off" months.  Our most active period is from April 15 thru November 5 depending on the snow. However, shooting may resume in the spring at any time after proper notification has been made to the ski club and the general public. Please visit our Announcements page for updates.


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