Labrador Trap & Skeet Club
PO Box 28, Labrador City, Labrador, A2V 2K5
Est. 1964


For a more comprehensive list of range rules

please speak to the Range Officer on duty.

  • No person shall use the range unless a Range Officer (RO) is present
  • Firearms are to be left unloaded at all times unless on the firing line
  • A Red Range Flag must be flown over the main gate when the range is open
  • Additional Red Range Flags must be flown over every active course of fire
  • Yellow Caution Flags must be flown when maintenance is being performed on a course of fire
  • No shooting is permitted on a course of fire while the Yellow Caution Flag is flown
  • A Yellow Caution Flag flown at our main gate means no shooting is permitted on ANY range!
  • All members and visitors are required to sign in & out of the Club log book
  • All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Vehicles are not permitted beyond the main gate without prior consent
  • All shooters must be in possession of a valid PAL / RPAL license
  • Eye and ear protection must be worn on all ranges at all times
  • The consumption of drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden during business hours
  • All non-restricted firearms should be transported in a case to our Club
  • All restricted firearms must be double locked for transport to our Club
  • Non-restricted firearms require no special permit for transport to our Club long as you are a Club member or are accompanied by one
  • All restricted / prohibited  firearms must have a valid Authorization To Transport issued by the provincial CFO
  • All shooters will immediately cease fire, make safe & step away from the line when a "CEASE FIRE" command is given
  • Safe firearms handling and behavior is closely monitored at all times
  • Failure to comply with any Club rules may result in permanent expulsion


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